Digital Logbook Revolution

Are you embracing the digital revolution?:

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Perfect, Would start with making all the prearrivals doc’s universal.

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Um, I think the future is gonna be more like a voice log. Eg: "Captain’s log, stardate. . . "


Then add the Standard Noon Position Report to your digital portefolio:

Maybe this meet with your wishes?:

Would be perfect, but a few years ago they had a similar thing. And the opposite happend each country started making there our version of a single Window form. Personally i think it will never work and there are allready some software programnes that have a lot of countries inside and automated put all the prearrival info inside the requested country forms. Saves you hours off usles work. It’s up to the shipping companies to come with good software for the crew.

Fines for mistakes in pre-arrival documents were a big earner for port officials in some less developed places.

If there is a new fool proof digital system some people might not be happy that they can’t issue fines for mistakes.

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