Anyone Sailing US Flagged Paperless?

I’m currently working with the USCG in efforts to get a ship that’s going through a major overhaul to go paperless (hold your opinions, please).

The ship is classed, and has two ECDIS units. I am also aware of the NVIC from February, 2016.

My question is: Is anyone currently sailing paperless on a classed, US Flagged vessel? What constitutes full redundancy (details)?

I know many foreign ships currently are, but I have heard little/nothing about US Flagged vessel currently sailing paperless.

I was on a foreign flagged tanker 8 years ago that was paperless. As I recall, the last thing we needed was to be certified was a new Navtex that was able to put the messages through directly to the ECDIS and plot all of the relevant points. Something I never would have thought of in order to go paperless.

I haven’t heard of an US flagged vessels going paperless.

I had heard SeaRiver was going paperless, at least on the newbuilds, but never received confirmation of the rumor.

Let me guess. MLL?

Opinion withheld as requested…

What does MLL mean?

It is the US arm of a large Danish conglomerate that is fond of robins egg blue paint. They are apparently trying to go paperless as well.

Nope, I do not sailing for ‘the empire’

I just got off a US “paperless” car carrier. Admiralty across the board. We did not have internet. Our means of keeping current were insufficient because large file sizes for some of the updates. Our system was not capable of downloading some of the larger files. IMO, a dedicated internet connection should be a compulsory item for paperless. The company told me intenet was “coming.” I fought them for 4 months with zero effect.

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I was on an American Maersk line ship last week. It was paperless. They are using Transas. I was on one awhile back with one of the first Transas did not go all the way to the berth. Typical pay per chart, but you would think the office would at least have the full route at it Home port, MLL based in Norfolk

The system we used was subscription based. To ensure we were covered for our constantly changing route, I would enter the voyage in the Admiralty Catalog and send this info to the service provider. It worked fine…except when the company forgot to complete the transaction. For liner service ships like MECL it should be a no brainer.

Supposedly a couple U.S. flag Maersk vessels are paperless… 2nd Mate on there says he feels even more useless than before :laughing: