Electronic Record books

Good news!!!
Electronic Record books under MARPOL will be permitted from 1.Oct. 2020, subject to Flag state verification and approval:

That should mean less books to keep in longhand.
(But more time in front of the Computer??)

Absolutely fine if you can access it in real time.
Given that we once had a bollocking for using ‘incomplete signatures’ in the tiny box (have you seen the size of the space for the ship name?) don’t be surprised when they complain.

No I have not seen the Electronic version, but if that is a problem, stop, giving ships such long names. (Joke)

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As the Russian billionaire Melnichenko did.
He baptized his sailing yacht and his motor yacht just “A”.
Both look horribly, any letter more would have been just wasteful.

Sailing Yacht “A”
Motor Yacht "A*

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Way to go for small fleets.

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No more inspectors looking for missing signatures from log books. Some inspectors treat a missing signature like it’s a war crime.

One benefit of digital log books is that it’s harder to go back and change a record at later date, I’ve heard of some companies using digital log books that sync with a central server every so often so it can’t be changed without a good reason.