Difference between 3000ITC and 6000ITC

Hey all,
I hope everyone is riding out the storms ok. I was curious if anyone has experience or knowledge of the wage scale difference or even if there is one between the 3000ITC and 6000ITC endorsement? Is the 6000 even worth pursuing?

It is worth pursuing of course. The only wage difference I know of is the pay scale for anchor handlers is slightly higher than Supply boats by 30-50 dollars per day. When I left Chouest the pay was pretty much the same for a guy with a 3000 running a supply boat versus a guy with a 6000 running a supply boat.

Yes it is worth pursuing. Go for anything you can are you will be left behind. Get it asap.

Boats are getting bigger and bigger! I will guess that in the next 10 years half of the OSVs will be over 3000ITC.

It is worth pursuing of course