6000 Endorsement vs. 3rd Mate Unlimited limited

I just received my 3rd Mate Unlimited. It is limited to 150% because the vessel I am on is shy of 3000 ITC. My question is can I go to an OSV over 3000 ITC with the 3rd or because of the special 6000 endorsement for OSV’s do I have to obtain that first. My 3rd will hold tonnage up to 4500 ITC but is not OSV specific. Any thoughts?

As long as the OSV isn’t over the 4500itc limitation you have you should be able to work on the mud boat. Your 3rd mate license is good for any type of vessel as long as its within your tonnage limitations. You should be able to use the time on the OSV over 3000itc to lift the restriction on your 3rd mate.

What he said ^^^^^