Denied a raise in Grade

I got my AB Unlimited and RFPNW and was still denied my able seafarer deck endorsement this really suck because I need the endorsement for a promotion.

Ok. Thanks :+1:.

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Since you gave no details, I’m not sure what is the point of your post other than to vent.

But, I am going to guess it was because you didn’t have sufficient sea time for AS-D after you qualified for RFPNW. The clock on sea time for AS-D does not start until you meet the sea time and assessment for RFPNW. While you don’t have to held the RFPNW for the sea time to count, sea time doesn’t count until after the last day of sea time for RFPNW or the day the last assessment was signed, which ever was later.

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Yes that’s exactly what they are trying to say because of the time fram in which i received my RFPNW that it wasn’t long enough to receive the AS-Dwhich makes no since to if you have completed the assessment and all other STCW along with 1080 of regular seatime.

See 46 CFR 12.603(a)(3) [emphasis added]:

(a) To qualify for this endorsement as able seafarer-deck, an applicant must—

(3) While qualified as an RFPNW, have seagoing service in the deck department of—
(i) Not less than 18 months; or
(ii) Not less than 12 months and have completed approved training;

See also NVIC 14-14 [emphasis added]:
As specified in 46 CFR 12.603(a), to qualify for an AS-D endorsement a mariner must:

  1. Meet the requirements for an endorsement as a Rating Forming Part of a Navigational
    Watch (RFPNW). It is not necessary to hold the endorsement for RFPNW, but all
    training, sea service and/or assessments required for RFPNW must be completed
    before accruing the sea service for AS-D;
  2. While qualified as RFPNW have either 18 months of seagoing service in the deck
    department, or 12 months of seagoing service in the deck department with completed
    approved training;

I have well over 12 months in the deck department and have completed the required assessment.

The clock on the seatime resets once you get the RFPNW.

It seems like they saying I should have had my RFPNW 12 months before applying for AS-D which with my employer would have made no sense because we only have AB unlimited aboard our vessel they emlinated the OS position.

Unfortunately whatever your employer has done position wise has no bearing on what the Coast Guard does.

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Getting RFPNW just to hold it for a year without being in the position to use it sounds ridiculous to me so I waited until I had everything I needed to obtain it which seems more of the right thing to do.

Ask the NMC to reconsider their decision. Information should be in the letter they sent you. If you are still aggrieved after reconsideration, you can appeal to CG HQ. Complaining here isn’t going to get you anything.


Thanks and you call it complaining I actually put this thread up to see if any other mariner dealt with this matter before so dont take it as such bro.

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Don’t kid yourself, it was complaining.


Who the f**k asked you anything bro

I finally received my AS-D endorsement and no additional seatime was needed.:dart:


Congrads. Hell of a way of going about it though. Bro


Thanks bro…I was pissed off because I knew I was right the whole time. If you already hold AB unlimited and RFPNW you don’t need any additional seatime just need your AS-D assessments signed off.

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That’s not entirely accurate. You either got lucky or there are additional facts that were considered. The regulation and NVIC I cited above is very clear that you need to obtain some sea time after you qualified for (not held) RFPNW.


That’s what I was told by my evaluator who called me personally and acknowledged the error and corrected it. I’m just thankful I have it now and can move forward.

The system has become too convoluted and complex. It’s beyond the ability of the NMC to effectively and timely administer it. Similar to the tax code.