Able Seafarer - Deck national crossover question

A bit confused here reading NVIC 14 - 14

Enclosure (1) - 2. Sea Service Requirements

Mariners holding a rating endorsement as able seaman before January 1, 2017, will be
eligible for this endorsement if they:
Hold an endorsement as RFPNW and have
completed approved training for PSC or
PSC-Limited (46 CFR 12.603©); and
Have currently valid Basic Training (46 CFR 12.602).
Mariners may qualify for an endorsement as AS-D until January 1, 2017
, if they have:
Served as a watchstanding Able Seaman, or
as a RFPNW for a period of not less than
12 months within the 60 months prior to
application for the endorsement (46 CFR
12.603(b)); and
Currently valid Basic Training (46 CFR 12.602).

I am mostly interested in the wording here under b. - BEFORE January 1, 2017.
How does this translate to real life? I can have [U]any[/U] AB rating and provided that I send in my RFPNW endorsement (and comply with the rest), I would be eligible for Able Seafarer Deck? If that’s the case, would everything have to be sent in before january 1 or is it just necessary to hold the rating of a national AB - before january 1, 2017, and the rest can be done after?

If you go to STCW Able - Seafarer Deck checklist, it gets even a little more confusing, especially the last page- National Crossover

I think I get it, but unfortunately “I think” doesn’t work, I need to be sure exactly what to do and unfortunately NMC call center is no help- they have given me polarizing and different answers each time I have called and the local REC was even worse as they openly admitted they had no idea.
Any insights here?

Dec 31, 2016 is the deadline. After that you need to use the new scheme.


I read the NVIC and checklists as there are three situations:

  1. you’ve been a watchstanding AB, you can apply for an ASD endorsement with no additional classes, BUT you must apply prior to Jan 1 2017 AND you’ll get RFPNW as a bonus

2)you missed that deadline, but you had a AB ticket before Jan 1 2017, you can get an ASD endorsement but you have to have RFPNW and PSC/lifeboatman

  1. you weren’t an AB prior to Jan 1 2017, after jan 1 you’ll need seatime, Basic Training, PSC/Lifeboatman and the 64 assessments

Hope this helps. Please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.
Christine Klimkowski