Decommissioning of the Last US Frigates in 2015

I think this is an interesting story, the disappearance of the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate (FFG-7) class of frigates:

My understanding is that the LCS ships are supposed to pick up the mission of the frigates, though the the critics of this plan don’t think the LCS ships are capable of picking up the mission.

Sorry can’t buy aluminum warships I don’t care how sophisticated they are.

Back in their day, the O.H. PERRY class seemed a compromise ship with only one screw and a structure which could not take any hits without crumpling yet in comparison to their successor vessels, they were far better for their intended mission. I am sure many are still in good condition and it appears most are slated to be transferred to foreign navies.

While also overpriced, the USCG National Security Cutter is a much better platform than any stoopid LCS and if ordered for both the Coast Guard and the Navee, I am sure the cost per ship would be brought down to something reasonable for the taxpayer to spend. Even if $100M more than any LCS, these would be a vastly better platform and well worth the additional money. As it is, the taxpayer is getting nothing but a bunch of future aluminum scrap for the almost $400M they are spending per idiotic LCS we buy.

The Navy is probably spending millions in retrofit mods for the LCS. C csptain’s theory of a WSF coverup to get more money is probably a drop in bucket in comparison. Another FLEECING OF AMERICA episode.