More LCS Stench

Will this debacle never end?

4 Cyclone class USN gunboats cruised up to the Philly Navy yard to be laid up yesterday. 2 are to be scrapped 2 to foreign sales.

Those small vessels still have better reliability than the boondoggle LCS shitboxes have.

Cancel the LCS program and add on to the CG’s NSC program. At least the CG got it right.

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They didn’t originally…


Every new ship class is going to have issues. The difference between the CG and Navy is that the CG seemed to address those issues.

I remember well reading about the NSC project as it struggled to get off the ground. It was over budget, behind schedule and the first ships had structural/build quality issues. That sure sounds familiar. No argument that the CG and the building contractors seemed to have gotten their act together. Unfortunately we hear those same complaints and worse when looking at the LCS fiasco.

Well, you have to be fair if comparing to the LCS. Of course there will be budget overruns. Lockheed in 2020 alone paid over $6,000,000 dollars to various political candidates directly plus likely 3 times that much for lobbyists and dark money contributions. They need to add that cost into the price for producing glorified jet RIBs for the defense of the country. It is only taxpayer money and it supports the troops. :roll_eyes:

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