Deckie looking for info about the Gulf industry

Grew up in Mobile area, currently go to USMMA and want to work OSVs/drillships following graduation. Most professors at the academy sailed deepwater and don’t know much if anything about working in the oil industry in the gulf. I’m writing a research paper (for a grade as much as my own interest) about it and need someone with current/previous experience to do a quick interview answering more specific questions than what i could find scouring posts in the forum.

I have general questions about:
-OSV licensing
-DP qualification
-Industry outlook
-general advice for prospective mates

You sound like a freshman or sophomore. It’s hard to know where the gulf will be in a number of years when you graduate. However, for now it doesn’t look great. You can take DP Basic at DP Solutions in Great Neck, pretty cheap if I remember. It definitely won’t hurt, but don’t expect anything out of it. Everybody and their mother has DP Basic.

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