Deckhands showing up on OSVs from the Jacksonville area

What’s up with all these useless lazy deckhands showing up on OSVs from the Jacksonville area?

What school is pumping them out and sending them this way??? None of them seem to have a straight answer.


Bluewater Maritime

We’ve been seeing them on the SIU side since before COVID. Not all are bad…some have a work ethic but those are few and far.

They also normally have some sort of sea lawyer experience. C/M cursed at one who almost killed the Boatswain for not holding something in place. That OS called the DPA during coffee to allege harassment.


I don’t know, but now that I think of it all the deckhands I’ve worked with who were from the Jacksonville area were/are completely worthless, overly sensitive garbage disposals who have to be told how to wipe their own ass.


I’ve always wondered why so many mariners live in Jacksonville FL. I’ve hired people for a long time, from all over the country, and it’s striking how many applications come in from Jacksonville (usually shortened to “Jax” on the address, back when things were snail-mailed to us).

Nothing against Jax as I’m a Floridian myself it’s just a certain group coming out of that certain school. I’ve met very man great mariners that call on Jacksonville, they just don’t really have any association to said school.


The SIU mariners from Jacksonville are the absolute worst. They make the American Merchant marine look really bad and by far have the worst reputation. They are lazy, disrespectful and have an overall bad attitude that drags the rest of the crew down.
You name it I’ve seen it from Jacksonville SIU guys. This include fights, drunkenness, yelling and threats to senior officers, junior officers, and bosuns, etc etc. The talking back and lack of motivation is what gets me. You don’t have to be the greatest deckhand but have a positive attitude. Jacksonville unlicensed can’t do this. Also the inappropriate conversations in public shouldn’t happen. Leave the x-rated conversations out of the galley. Everyone from jax acts like they are from the hood. That hood attitude doesn’t mix well with this industry. I have sailed with other unlicensed that were felons and spent years in jail and really grew up rough- I have had zero problems with them.
Now I’m generalizing because I have sailed with several guys from Jacksonville that have been really great mariners. But on another note almost everyone I have known to get fired onboard have been from Jacksonville- This includes licensed and unlicensed.


Uneducated & cheap labor. That’s why they are everywhere. Uneducated to the point they won’t unionize & cheap enough to pad your balance sheet.


This! I have been to many schools for upgrades and renewels. I will give MPT an A as a standard. I had to go take a course here and F doesn’t do it justice. 20 minute smoke breaks on the hour. Sea stories instead of classwork. Spoonfed answers on test. CG APPROVED! Pay your money get a cert. Learn nothing! Sadly 99% of the participants are tickled pink with this arrangement.


Hopefully there is some sort of moderation going on in threads and this one gets removed.

Kind of freedom of speech anticensorship guy myself. Not sure how this degraded to Clan references. Maybe the anger should be directed at those handing out a substandard education? I have worked mostly for Mom and Pops that don’t pay for upgrades and renewels so they come out of my pocket. If I am paying for classes I want to (Wait for it). Learn something! I never understood skipping classes in college. You are paying out the ass to attend the classes why throw them out the window. The point of maritime education classes is to improve your knowledge and make you a better Mariner. The outrage should be directed at those providing a poor education and passing it off as acceptable because once in the real world the shortcomings become apparent.

OMG!!! That place is the WORST. What a joke.

Would be fine if the thread was titled and discussed the quality of training at a particular maritime school, unfortunately someone chose to target a specific demographic.

Would be fine if discussion wasn’t hindered by the politics of the racially obsessed making defamatory accusations against others.

Can’t please everyone my friend. Also look at my original post. In no way shape or form was race mentioned at all. Other people went off on a tangent. Which always happens on this forum.


Yeah i think accusing people of racism because of their race is hateful and racist. People who do that should be ashamed of themselves.


It’s a very bold accusation to make. People like that are their own worste enemy.

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Has nothing to do with race. Had 5 here, 3 presently here now, 1 of them is going to do well, the 2 others are a waste of air. Basically getting a thug deckhand who hangs on the phone all watch and gives an attitude if you ask them to do anything. 1 of them was physically removed off a boat after threatening to go to the captains house and harm his family, I dont come to work to deal with that type of shit.


Yeah, “deckhands from Jacksonville”. How is that racist? When was race mentioned at all?


Jacksonville is not a race, silly. I suppose geographic discrimination a thing now? Maybe this hits close to home.
Call a spade a spade, 90% of these hands from FL, particularly the panhandle are worthless liabilities and employers should take note and do their due diligence.
If you are one, or know one who is the outlier…well good for you.

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When was it not a thing?

geographic discrimination

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