Deckhands showing up on OSVs from the Jacksonville area

Doesn’t matter if it’s ‘a thing’ (whatever that means). What matters is whether it’s legal. From that same article you posted:

Is geographical discrimination legal?
There are very few laws protecting employees and candidates against geographical discrimination. A person’s location or origin is not a protected class like race or religion.

And even if it is illegal, how to prove it happened?

I was replying to the Chippin’s post. "I suppose geographic discrimination a thing now?" I just did a google search for “geographic discrimination” and posted the results. Not expressing an opinion about it.

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After a search, it appears illegal only within a narrow context such as court settlements:
(28 U.S. Code § 1714)

Pretty much never?

Are we going to pretend like we don’t know what the phrase “a thing means”? Well here you go.

From the union deepsea side we have been aware of the usual useless, insubordinate, WOKE ,in your face characteristics of the Jax SIU hall deadbeats for a long while. Crowley is overrun by them since their corporate HQ is on Jax. Another reason I walk the other way when Crowley comes besides having to deal with the Anderson medical nightmare interrogations. Had ABs tell me as CM that they would only listen to the captain, no mate matters and to make things worse some of the Crowley captains actually tolerated breaking the chain of command and would entertain and act on the complaints of these oxygen thieves and interrogate the chief mate. Surreal

Do not back down. Obviously the snowflake leftists now infiltrating the maritime industry realize certain statistical uncomfortable realities and then try to shut down all common sense. There are trend lines and inferences which cannot be denied and which do not apply to all or even the majority of members of certain “groups”. The fact the draw a racial inference is proof itself that the defensive snaowflakes realize the validity of the inference. By drawing attention to supposed racsim. they themselves are reinforcing the racist stereotype instead of keeping it in the geographic/ SIU hall/ or other non-ethnically defined category instead.


I’ve been reading this thread about Jax deckhands . My question is, what are the vetting procedures in the companies where these guys are getting hired?

We have people and process here devoted to vetting every applicant, and screening out the problem children. Not 100% effective certainly, but then we can the few that get through.

I assumed all companies have a vetting process. Is this not true? Do they just hire whoever comes through the door. Or is this thread just the usual Internet forum exaggeration ?


Yes comrade stalinist politically correct censureship is the key to ignoring probelms and ploblematic issues!


The companies farm the hiring out to the unions.

The unions aren’t very selective.

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See the title of this discussion. The original post was asking about OSVs.

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In the past yes there was a process but recently as boats are scrambling to come out of stack they are hard pressed for help. I will say that in the last couple months they have vowed to quit hiring these mariners from this particular school as it’s been nothing but problems.

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Currently companies are hiring anyone with a pulse and a credential. This is the dowside to a booming labor market. The lower the payscale the worse it gets. Once one layabout figures out he can’t get fired because there are no replacements the layabout disease spreads like COVID. One problem child becomes a whole crew. I have sailed short and was better off getting rid of a clumpweight. The others realized being left on the dock was a possibility and the amount of work accomplished improved. Go for the higher paying companies now. They can be more selective.

We had this problem for a few voyages in 2021. The way we solved it was sailing short and then dividing up the “missing crewman’s” pay (plus a little more) to the remaining crew. They were happy (or less unhappy then they would have been otherwise).

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I applaud your company for recognizing that the work still gets done, with increased effort by everybody else. The crew vibe is greatly improved by not having that problem crew member on the boat.


Not too many years ago SIU was recruiting out of the probation office in the large city where I grew up. A ne’er do well childhood friend mentioned it. . I put it out of mind until I ran into an OS who went through the Paul Hall school more recently, who claimed that he was the only one in his class who wasn’t referred through a diversion program or other court-related office.
I would suspect the school in question is doing something similar. Parolees and such do get credit for applying to approved retraining programs. Perbaps the school got themselves approved by the local court.

Our school is certified by the State of Florida for vocational rehabilitation training, and as a WorkSource educational facility for the maritime industry.


Right off thier website. You nailed it

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Obviousy sir, you never sailed with numerous Jax crewmembers or you would have a more realistic and grounded assessment of the original post.

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I have worked AMO, MSC, and cruise ships. Wherever I go, Jacksonvillagers are a big problem, and everyone is aware. Not a race thing because some of these shitty Jacksharts are white and some are black. Not a Florida thing because everyone south of Jacksonville puts better work in and I’ve talked to them about the Jacksonville problem, which they agree on. Not an inner city thing because even NOLA as a third world shithole pumps out mariners a step above these guys.
I blame their teachers, simple as.


Nothing but problems from Jacksonville. Gangsters and sea lawyers

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