DECK/ OFFSHORE/ DRILLING - Just young guy looking for job advise

Hey guys

I am fresh graduate of a Maritime University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Navigation Engineering. As an engineering thesis, I wrote a fully working, animated loading calculator for a bulk carrier.
I am about 100 days away from obtaining my OOW diploma,
I am Polish ( EU).

I am looking for a job as AB/ OS/ Roustabout on PSV/ OSV/ AHTS/ DRILLSHIP/ HEAVY LIFT etc.
My experience - RoRo, Survey , Oilchem, Jack-up, DSV.
The courses I have are STCW, HUET, CA- EBS, Boat transfer, banksman & slinger etc.
I have very good work opinions from each contract.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a decent job for some time now. I would like to stay in one good company permanently. I don’t want to wait forever, so I decided to help my luck

I’ve sent hundreds of CVs so far and I’m not giving up, but I’m starting to get a little frustrated that I can’t even prove my qualifications to anyone during the interview because large companies don’t even want to start the conversation with me.

I don’t expect help from anyone, but maybe somebody more experienced can give me contact details to recruiters or guide me in some way. Of course, I will send you then Linkedin profile on PV .

Thank you :smiley: