Deck cadet

Does a deck cadet still sit for testing on Third mate Unlimited, or is it worked out through an OJT situation.


as a Deck cadet at Great Lakes Maritime, We have to test for Third Mate Unlimited oceans. The USCG comes to the Academy and does the testing unless you don’t pass a module, then you have to drive on your own down to Toledo and retake, At GLMA we also sit for First Class Pilot- Great Lakes, so we have to write pilotage for the 5 lakes, St. Mary’s river, Detroit and St. Clair river. We also have 276 days at sea which includes two commercial projects, one on the Lakes, one on the ocean, and then sea project on our Training Ship which mostly includes getting river trips in. Along with a ton of In port Sea days: standing watch, maintenance, Ship Simulator time, Small boat handling(45 tug and coast guard 41 footer), rigging lab time, and a ton of other tasks assigned. We also have to get the OICNW assements checked off, and other various training, Lifeboatman, firefighting, STCW BST stuff.

You still sit for the license.

They test.

11 days til i sit at TMA

Thank you everyone now i’m trying to figure out how to fill in the Certificate Of Competency portion of an Online Resume at Maritime Connector’s. That way I can compare mine with theirs.