Decarbonizing shipping

Battery technology used in shipping is steadily improving:

Carbon credits are the new Plenary Indulgences. The fight’s still on over which NGO will be the new Vatican.
Remission of all sins short of sodomy for whoever gets the most carbon credits!

 Slightly bastardized quote courtesy of Patrick O'Brien.
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With incidents on the rise, more needs to be done to address safety, particularly as the industry faces uncertainties related to decarbonization and digitalization:

If the ships need to decarbonize so does the ports that serve them:

So US voters is all for decarbonizing shipping:

I wonder how many of those asked actually had any understanding of how intranational shipping are operating and regulated?
Were they asked if they accepted that cost of the thing they buy at Walmart would go up?
Were they told that the way the US Gov. can influence international shipping operation is through IMO?:

PS> At IMO each member state has one vote:
Article 62 – Each Member has one vote, decisions shall be by a majority vote.

Of course US can regulate shipping within own territorial waters and ports:

How many US port offer clean, renewable shore power supply to ships at their wharfs?:

PS> It doesn’t say if the power supply is from renewable sources.

Not everybody running at the same phase:

That includes shipyards:

Nobody thought it was going to be a walk in the park, I hope?

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NKK has come to the same conclusion when it comes to building or refitting “zero emission” ships:

Decarbonizing OSV s are more challanging than big ships:

The Danes are leading the pack:

Reflections on the year gone and the year(s) ahead:

Music to the ears of shipping tycoons:


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Knowing , that You are a huge fan of green technologies my comment may irritate You somehow. :wink:

May be it is “music” but it is a FACT . And it is a SCAM. You can not easily milk the heavily subsidised farmers as they barely make it ( look at the recent waves of farmers protests/strikes across Europe) but You can harass and milk the fat cows like owners, who proudly display their profits turning into BILLIONS in usd.

And even if they try to hide it, there are smart guys who will find out quickly abt the real earnings.

How does it work?? Quite simple . You tell them they must reduce COX,SOX, , (CH4), (N2O), (HFCs),(PFCs),(SF6), (NF3) , best if You quote the whole Dmitrij Mendelejew table , add PPMs and with a little bit of immagination and perversion You may throw in even some “SEX” saying nothing abt H2O vapours but magnifying farm animals loud and copious farting.

Then You find Al Gore , and all sorts of media and mobilise the whole bunch of scared to death by roasting youngsters .

Then You post it in Trade Winds, Maritime Executive, gCaptain, Splash 247 and LLoyds List -just to mention a few.

You send them to UN to do some quasi-science leaden stunts and “how dare You” speaches led by champion Greta , you mobilise the whole bunch of spin doctors who blatantly say " WE CONTROL THE SCIENCE" and when they are asked how much CO2 is in the air , they have no effing idea but argue vehemently that ice caps north and south should melt 10 years ago and are not bothered at all by the FACT that ice caps are still doing fine.

Then You tell them(OWNERS) through IMO and other technical think tanks about new engines that can burn gas, you show them new designs of open/closed , wet/dry scrubbers and all other fantastic technological sollutions like kates and sails . You also tell them if there is a will then there is a way -so do it to save the planet.

Being good world citizens the gullible owners wanting to show how much they care for the planet to improve their PR and secure further business , they take the bait and invest heavily in scrubbers worth abt 2-2.5 mil each, ballast management and cleaning systems , refurbish their old engines , install new dual system engines - You name it . Spent milions if not bilions depending on their fleet size .

Once they are done ruining their budgets, they are informed that they have not thought about everything , that clean exhaust and improving the air is not enough as their air cleaning system is now harmfull to the water and ports are closed for them.

Having installed 2-3 mil usd worth ballast management and cleaning systems they are now informed , that they have forgoten to put some filters in such systems , which will stop and collect MICROPLASTICS omni present in all ocean waters.

And all this game is done by con artists who are hauling their fat asses on a daily basis in huge SUVs gas guzzlers or flying to climate confernces in their private or rented jets.

It beats me .

What will the Owners/operators do to get even???

They will do what they always do :joy:
CMA CGM increases rates from Asia to Med and North Africa - Container News (

What will You do??? - surely You will dig deeper into your pocket feeling screwed.