Decade of Ocean Sciences

This has been declared UN’s Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development:

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Of course it has.

I’m sure you find this a waste of time and money.

Why would anybody care about keeping the oceans and the environment clean for future generations??
It only cost money for this generation that could be better spent on developing new coal fired power plants. After all, CO2 is good for trees, plants and agriculture. The more the merrier!!!

More plastic bags just make life easier for shoppers and keep the oil & gas industry humming, which is good for the economy and jobs for mariners.

Isn’t it wonderful when we agree?

Oh, and I don’t want rubbish and pollution in the oceans. That’s got nothing to do with sustainable development. Australia is sustainably developed and our oceans are clean whilst prosperity is enhanced. My world travels tell me that sort of pollution is prevalent in places that aren’t run by responsible democratic administrations.

Preach to them not me. I’m sold on reducing pollution … and increasing the multiple benefits we get every day from fossil fueled industries.