Death of Hawespipers


Engineers don’t stick around as long, they take their experience and go work ashore in steam plants, power plants, shipping companies offices (port engineer, marine superintendent, etc), ABS, etc.


We have Falck here too. It’s about the same as the other for-profit schools.


This wasn’t at Falk but I saw a HUET school pass a guy that was terrified of water. As far as I know he was incapable of swimming.


I just love hearing how much better the Norwegians are at everything.


Yes it must hurt to hear about anything that is not American. The horror of hearing that there may be other ways of doing thing and yet succeeding. Just thinking of it is un-American.

Better get back to watching Fox News where there is no risk of being bombarded with such anti-American facts. (Or any other facts for that matter)


You never just let it go do you?


I’ll do, but only when you Americans stop being so damned self centered and stop criticising other countries and peoples you are without any knowledge of.

When you stop calling your fellow seafarers “3rd world villagers” and accuse them of being somehow inferiour to Americans you may get more respect from me and other foreigners.

Most here appears to be without any real knowledge of foreign seafarer’s background, education or training, yet implies that anything American must be better, just because it is American.
I have seen no proof of that in my many years of working with people of all nationalities, incl. American Mariners. (both “hawespipiers” and Academy educated)


Now look at yourself in the mirror, replace every use of the word ‘american’ in this post with ‘norwegian’ and maybe you’ll see the absurdity of your argument. You sir keep perpetuating this myth which is so obviously your own prejudiced opinion.


That actually makes more sense when you put it that way.


American are not a monolithic group with the same views, we are each individuals with our own views.

How many forum members here have expressed that view? In any case I’m here to discuss things with other professional mariners. Not looking for respect from you or anybody.


How presumptuous you are, ombugge. You presume everything about me, from what I watch (actually prefer C-SPAN), to what I know about other people. You’ve got it all figured out.

I think I’ll just ignore you from now on and you can eff off and do whatever it is you like. I’ll ask you to extend the same courtesy. You’re not worth my time.


You realize this is a forum predominantly made up of Americans, correct?


How many forum members have even commented about foreign mariners? It seems like you have taken a small sample of posts and extrapolated based on your own preconceptions.

I sail world-wide but I know little about foreign mariners background or training. That’s why I don’t comment. Don’t assume you know what my views are just because I’m American.


Check out one post I have written where I am not critical of the USCG or NMC. Ironically, this entire post “Death of Hawsepipers” is critical of the system we have in place so you’re not making sense. I for one believe it’s a terrible idea to say an education in the classroom beats hands on experience in the industry (not that I am against education in anyway shape or form). I am not critical of your country nor it’s Maritime practices nor do I really care. Alot of things you post are interesting, but half of it is what I refer to as trolling or trying to start shit.


OK I did generalize and provoke, but in reply to the below:

I am NOT of the opinion that Norwegians are better at everything, nor have I ever made any statement to that effect. I have stated MANY TIMES that I don’t think any race or nationality is any better than any other. That includes Norwegians as well as Americans.

I did translate a common Norwegian joke once about us Sunnmoringer feeling superior to everybody else, which was quickly explained. (I need to mark any sarcastic post, or any joke as such apparently)

I’m fully aware that there are no such thing as an “American” race or ethnicity, nor do I think that you all think alike but, like everybody else here I do generalize at times.

There are no such thing as “3rd World villages” at sea either, they are known as Seafarers, Seamen or Mariners. (Take your pick)
Most ships sailing around the world do so without any American or Norwegians on board and they do so safely and efficiently for most part.
I recommend that they are respected for their professionalism and knowledge on par with Americans and Norwegians, not being referred to in derogatory terms and their educational and professional standard being questioned because of their nationality or any other irrelevant reasons.


Schools give the theoretical grounding necessary to be a Deck Officer or Engineer. Seatime is required to get a license under any Maritime Authority regime.
A license only indicate adequate knowledge and understanding to do the job, but experience is required to do it well.

In my experience even years on the job doesn’t guarantee that someone is able to perform well under pressure. I have seen people doing the same thing wrong for years, yet it is called experience.


No shit dude, Hawsepipers which is a combo of the school and experience, is what this post is about. My comments were strictly based at you ripraffing about Americans, your response had nothing to do with those statements so once again you are trying to start shit. I will now excuse myself from this conversation with you and spend my time more productively.


You’re making the assumption that these opinions are based irrelevant factors. It’s common for mariners to think that their background makes them better mariners then others. Give any academy grad two beers and ask him which school puts out the best mariners.

Of all the hundreds of mariners I’ve crossed paths with I could count on the fingers of one hand that thought it had anything to do with ethnicity or nationality.

You’re reading something that’s not there.


I hope all Norwegians aren’t this sensitive.


Norwegians sensitive??? What about the Americans who can’t even accept others opinions and always perceive insult in anything said that doesn’t entirely fit with their views??

If I was sensitive I would have left this forum long ago. Just look at the insults hurled at me.