DDE raise in grade

Ok, can some one answer this, because i was under the impression that to go from 1k to 4k was just seatime, and that I would just have to sit again when i go for unlimited HP. Raising mine in 60 days, and i believed it was only paperwork this time, any one definitely know? Thanks.

Look up 46 cfr, part 10, subchapter E, section 10.524. That should answer all your question in black and white, instead of hear say and gossip.

Also check out the Marine safety manual, there is alot of information in there as well.

If you are just startin up through the ranks learn how to look things up in the CFR’s, it will help you in many ways. There are a bunch of questions on the test’s you are gong to be taking soon that is in the CFR’s as well. There should be a set of CFR’s on the vessel you are on. If not alot of it can be found online to.

I think it is all going to be changing soon because of the Canadians at least to obtain a dde.

Blame canada… blame canada… lol. Yeah i was fed some wrong information today, when calling NMC, and one email to the consultant squared it away.

So what did you find out?

Only seatime to upgrade, like I thought. It doesnt take much to confuse a female from WV on the phone, never mind a government subcontractor. All and all the NMC is 100% better than what it used to be, maybe this will become the new normal standard of 3-5 weeks for paperwork.