Current Hiring in US GOM

For the low price of $1,200,000. I will never mention the atrocities I witnessed or that occurred to me at Edison Chouest Offshore ever again.

I asked around and they still don’t have many female engineers or female engineer hawsepipers.

The government should force them to unionize due to their extreme lack or regard for human rights.

You went to work for ECO. You knew what you were getting in to?

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I’m still waiting for your website to show up.


Not all ECO engineers, GOM, or supply boat engineers are the fumbling boobs you say they are. No matter how loud you scream or beat your chest to that tune, it won’t make it so. There are incompetent people at every company, and in every sub-industry. This mold you keep suggesting that exists that belches out incompetent mariners is biased and based on your personal experience. We know how you feel, no need to remind us. You have done that plenty. You didn’t work on every boat, or with all their engineers.

All engineers have their strengths and weaknesses. Some environments nurture more in house solutions as opposed to contracting out to vendors.

Lord save us if anyone stereotyped female mariners based on your use of this platform here in the same way you bash ‘OSV’ engineers. Just sayin’.

Please, pretty please, stop forcing your crusade on us here.


ECO does have incompetent engineers, some just never had the experience of being an engineer, younger guys that expect shoreside to do all the work, also older engineers that started late, I came from offshore tugs, we did all the work, engine rebuilds to refrigeration, I try my best to pass on my knowledge but it is difficult. I retire soon, us old time engineers will be missed


I worked there three years :joy::joy::joy:

Had 5 years of experience when I started there.

Sorry but not sorry it’s 100% true. They are dumb and what’s worse they expect you have to fuck them too.

Duly noted. So anytime a thread pops up that may remotely have to do with ECO or the gulf, we’ll get a refresher on your views? Don’t worry, we all know where you stand on the subject.


Yea like they haven’t been sued for the exact thing I’m talking about by a cook or others. All the people talking about SASH now and I’m the only one that’s making it up? Fuck you.

It’s 100% true. They are dumbasses. Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

I can’t imagine how any rig or drill ship would feel safe or ethical having a boat with ECO engineers next to it.

No one ever said you are making anything up. We are all just sick of hearing about it…whatever happened to your blog to back up all your allegations? Any sympathy, empathy, whatever you have been seeking has been KILLED by your shitty attitude. This isn’t just because of your latest hostage situation with this forum the last few weeks. You alienated most, if not all of us a few years ago…drop all the f bombs you want princess. You are the one looking like an ass…and that’s a real shame because you have sacrificed your credibility and any hope you may have had finding resolution.


Not really because everyone is talking about SASH now. So now what.

If any rig or drill ship hires Chouest that is making a clear statement they have no regard for human rights whatsoever.

The government too.

Wait a minute, I have been an engineer for ECO for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen wannabes come and go, more than likely saw you pass through sorry you couldn’t hack it


I never met one like you. You must have been the only one in the fleet.

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I have no idea what SASH is. All I know is you insistantly shove your rhetoric down our throats. I am able to ignore it most of the time but today enough is enough for me. I am a career mariner with dual licenses and have been around 25+ years in this bs with multiple employers. I’ve learned to not stereotype companies or industries, nor to get in cock measuring contests with anyone. Gotta be happy with yourself above and beyond all else. The negativity and arrogance you exhibit is disgusting. I really hope you are half the hot shot engineer you claim to be.


I worked my ass off with integrity, sweat, good seamanship. I showed people that asked me what they didn’t know, I was polite and offered to help always. The only thing I didn’t want to fuck so that makes me a raging bitch. Sorry but too many narcissists work there.

And also the coordinators are dumb. They believe whatever people tell them. Dumbasses.

No, you are a raging bitch because you are plastering this forum with this subject constantly…and to what end is it? The webpage you created is still blank. What do you expect us to think? What do you want? Everyone knows what you think, and how you feel. Sorry, if you wanna shut down the company, it isn’t going to happen here…and despite of if your experience is true or not, some people like working there! You worked with incompetent perverts that wanted to rail you? Well I’m sure for every one of those degenerates there is at least one competent, respectable human being working there. Huge company, right? Going to have bad boats, bad managers, etc…No matter what you do here, or how true your experience is, you aren’t going to have us all singing the same tune unless you provide proof like you originally said you were going to do weeks ago.