Cruise ship takes on Venezuelan patrol ship, and wins

All I can say is that there must be a whole metric crap-ton more to this story than what has been published. There are any number of sites with this story, here is one:

Sorry if this is a repeat, I didn’t see it on the board.

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Look at the date of publication

Well, if it fooled me, it seems to have fooled others – others with more resources than I have to verify it! I stand ready to eat it if it’s a joke.

It’s not a joke.

Here’s the AIS track - obviously the transmitter was turned off for a while after the incident:

Oh, just so that no-one here gets it wrong, RCGS Resolute is not an icebreaker (as many seem to claim), but a cruise ship strengthened to ice class 1A Super.

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OK, I thought I’d find more info here, but I see I’m the first…

No. See Cruise ship takes on Venezuelan patrol ship, and wins

Initially looked like an april fools joke, but seems legit, following from the Curacao Chronicle…


Given that Trump has put out a warrant on Maduro, maybe the CIA can help. They have experience with these kinds of invasions. See the Bay of Pigs.

Maybe they are helping already. Trump badly needs a shiny object to distract his redneck base. The recent “war on drugs” BS during a recent virus campaign rally might have been what he hoped was a hint that he really is waging a war … we just aren’t too sure of which war that is.

I guess any war will do as long as it takes attention away from his incompetence. The USA is suffering from a 73 year old toddler with a bad case of the terrible twos.

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And has been for over three years.

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Don’t get too smug. The candidate waiting in the wings is a 78 year old with dementia. We’re not out of the woods by a long shot.


Back onto the subject of this post, I wouldn’t get to smug, to U.S. navy warships were taken out by a box boat and a tanker, a carrier has been laid low by a virus, and the U.S. seems intent in ensuring that no military CO ill have their troops backs.

Im sure it would upset you if Trump took out one of your heroes.

And don’t forget the threat of locomotives.


looks real

My thought exactly on 01 APR…but reading through, the incident happened prior to the end of March.

“Weird stuff, wild…wacky.”

Its high time they ban the bulbous bow. Clearly its just a naval ram masquerading as a fuel efficient design.


A video has surfaced: