Cruise ship passengers' dumb stunts

Interesting choice of words. If the Coast Guard’s HUNT for this man is successful and they find him, are they going to harpoon him or charge him with a crime?

“Based on camera footage, it appears the guest jumped from his stateroom balcony,” it said in a statement.

A woman on another cruise line, Viking I think, was recently barred from sailing for life for hanging outside her balcony railing and a male passenger was fished out of the water after diving off a cruise ship in port. It seems like these overboard events off of cruise ships are becoming more frequent.
Do these sick individuals justify mobilizing SAR resources and upending the lives of several thousand people or should we just let Darwinism take its course and risk having it turn into a fad.
If against all odds they find this jumper, should he be charged with a crime or with the cost of his rescue?

Just to pollute a good popcorn thread with a grim tidbit: This is a relatively common form of suicide. I suppose it’s effective enough, seeing as these stories seldom have a happy ending, but I’d never in a million years choose to go that way myself…


In Asia, or at least Japan it seemed to be fairly common way to go. I can’t count how many “be on the lookout for…” messages we received transiting off Japan. They usually involved someone jumping off one of the inter island ferries.

Don’t know if this comes under this title but a woman went overboard from Hurtigruten Finnmarken yesterday while the vessel was coming alongside in Ålesund after their detour into Hjørundfjorden:

No update on here condition, but after 1 hour in the cold water I’m afraid she may not recover. But miracles does occure, let’s home that applies here.

Latest update:
The women died it was reported this afternoon:

The worst cargo is people

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