Crowley takes delivery of M/V Sunshine State


Crowley took delivery of [I]Sunshine State[/I], a 331,000-barrel, double-hull oil and … Click HERE to read the full blog article.


[B]Sweet, Being a "Florida Boy " I wouldn’t mind working on her.[/B]


Quite a step up from the “Exxon Sunshine State”.


I wouldn’t mind getting a job for APT, but I can’t seem to find anyone who knows anything about it. Crowley says their are all crewed up but I don’t trust the “apply online” routine.


Looks like she needs some ballast, or she’ll need a periscope out of the keel. Nice looking big boat though. Single screw, one rudder…that’s OK for the open ocean, but the Houston Ship Channel or Hampton Roads is a different deal. I’ll bet you want a bunch of tugs around when you get close to the berth! The harbor pilot will earn his pay on this one.



That picture is her leaving San Diego near point loma, more likely on sea trials, therefore probably little or no ballast.


[B]Hi-c’s, APT = :confused:[/B]