Cross over USCG

Is there any indian chief Engineer successfully crossed over to USCG licences.
Is it worth to do so much work for crossover?

It’s very likely. You would have to be a US citizen, take all the STCW classes at USCG approved schools, and take the USCG exams.

If you’re a US citizen you’re most likely living in the US so it would be really hard to earn a living sailing foreign flag so I would imagine it’s worth it.

There are a great many foreign officers that have become US citizens and obtained USCG credentials.

true, many people cross over. I recall a japanese engineer who’d spent 4-6 yrs? in Marine engineer school in Japan, married a US National and wanted to convert. He got the wrong info or the wrong rep at NMC (handled at region level in those days)
and did his sea days all over again!
He’s probably a Chief by now but I thought it a crime as he knew more than most any engineer I sailed with. electronics and math and general stuff. a great guy and a big asset to whatever ship he sails now.