Crossover to USCG license

Good Morning all,
Would someone help me out.
I am from Bangladesh. I’will have the opportunity to get USA citizen in future. 1) Now if in future i will try to cross over my forign licence to USCG licence which forign country’s licence would be beneficial to get same USCG licens…

2)If i want to crossover my 2nd Engineer forign licence to USCG licenc, would they also ask me to submit my 3 rd engr license as well in the time of crossover?

Thanks in advance

For officer endorsements, you must be a US citizen.

YTou cannot get a US license solely on the basis of having one from anotjher country. ou can use the time on your foreign license to qualify for a US national endorsement (license). You can use time as a 3rd assistant on the foreign license to meet the one year as 3rd AE requirement for 2nd AE. You will need to take a license examination, and other training (First Aid/CPR, Basic and Advanced Firefighting). You would need to show that you held a 3rd AE license at the time you obtained the service as 3rd AE.

STCW is more complicated. the US does not “endorse” foreign certifications, and generally does not recognize foreign training. When and how you obtained your current STCW will dictate whether any of it is accepted and/or whether you need to complete all of the US required training and practical demonstrations for Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch.

Thank you for your reply. Actually i came to know from a source that if my 3rd Engineer and 2nd engineer license from UK, it would be beneficial to attend direct 2nd engineer or chief engr(with having enough forign sea time) exam on USCG. If my previous licence outside of UK , i may need to start from 3rd engineer in USA while i have 2nd engr forign licenc. Is the information is correct?