Crewing Officer, new guy has Another question

My first contact with this forum was a couple of months ago, and along with other input i spent the time getting all my ducks in a row.
I have completed the required MED’s, radio op, medical and the such to apply to the Canadian Coast Guard.

My Question (because this is a new world and the lingo is different from my 22 years as a mechanic)
The “Staffing Assistant” has informed me my qualifications / certifications and resume have been “forwarded to the Crewing Officer for Engine room crew.”

[FONT=Helvetica]Does this mean I have been moved from one pile of paper to another, or is a good sign?
Any input appericated as this is a new system to me!


I don’t think any of us Americans on here know too much about how the CCG operates internally. I know its like a civil service job, so I’m thinking the terminology is similar to MSC. And yes it sounds like your papermill is grinding along and your papers have moved from one office weenie’s desk to another. That’s good. If you have a way to contact that crewing officer directly you might want to do that. Good luck.

Thanks for that.
Are there any (or many) forum members from canada?