Cowes ferry chops moored yacht in two

The article in the main web page simply said the ferry had been in collision with a yacht. This link shows something different.

I am lost for words having used the same moorings.
I am told the ferries are fitted with Voith Schneider’s so I can’t understand how they could make such a huge turn into the moorings.

From the Island Echoe.
Meanwhile, Red Funnel’s CEO has apologised to those affected by the disruption…

I wonder how the poor chap who used to own the yacht feels about “the disruption”?

That is pretty amazing considering that the Red Falcon was coming into the Inner Fairway at just over 5 knots at the point of collision.

Huge turns are what cycloidal drives do for a living.

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From AIS, it appears that the captain became just a little disoriented in the low visibility and drifted slightly left in the fairway, clipping the moored sailboat. The ferry then drifts into the second anchoring field and it is amazing that more damage was not done.

There were no large turns involved in the collision.

Probably like he’s getting a new yacht!

I found the AIS track on a UK boating forum. Was he going sideways through the moorings? If not, would not the compass be telling the old man something?

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to link directly to the image.

Post 26 has the picture.

Maybe something broke?
One less WAFI to get in the way so not all bad news.

Oohh, burn! :wink:

How would you react if someone trashed something you have had since new back in the 70’s?

Predictably, the Master and Mate of the IoW ferry that run aground has been suspended:

Suspension in the wake of an incident is automatic over here.
We had an incident (with a yacht strangely enough) and the Master was suspended immediately, a week before he retired.

At least they weren’t arrested and locked up. Very civilised the Brits.

We call it ‘gardening leave’.