Covid -19 crises and American Exceptionalism

Why withdraw such a great post?


(Shrug) thread would just take the usual turn. Everyone knows what the problem is. American exceptionalism or not we have met the enemy and he is us.


Blueprint for stopping the Corona virus dead in its track:

Patients are taking longer than the typical one to two weeks to show symptoms of the illness after being infected, an expert with the National Health Commission, Qiu Haibo, told the state-run broadcaster this week, and they are carrying the virus for a longer period of time.

Chen Ying, a public health researcher at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, said officials were reacting forcefully in the northeast because the experience in Wuhan had demonstrated the importance of early, stringent action.

“If we had this chance in Wuhan, we would have taken similar measures,” he said. “The consequences will be very big if this is not controlled.”

Meanwhile in 'Murica:


It’s not over anywhere before it is gone everywhere!!!

PS> NZ MAY be the exception, since it is far away from everywhere.

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NZ also took the right measures. We don’t have to let the infection run wild. We need to reopen businesses if we want them to survive but the process needs to be based on common sense and the use of PPE. Reopening doesn’t mean back to the way things were before the virus hit. Common sense is not as common as its name implies.

If common sense is not common shouldn’t we be calling it something else? And at the risk of sounding like a wise ass if common sense is not common wouldn’t calling it something else be common sense?

What would you call it?

There are more and less common senses; the lesser ones being not always with the dumb .

Neil Ferguson, the British top scientist for the government, was ousted because he was caught not following what he preached to the more commons.

I get it. Taken at face value, the statement is trite and superfluous. As to what the name common sense implies, at least in this context, it’s the ability to evaluate the risks/rewards of a decision. It’s not granted at birth nor is it acquired through formal education. It’s developed through life experience and the application of rational thought. If I’d wanted to be more precise, I could have said that a surprisingly large segment of the population is failing the test.


Yes, the phrase is not met to be taken literally. It means wtf is wrong with people.

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How many people in the US, or Europe, know even the name of more than two cities in China (Beijing and Shanghai) (HK is mostly not recognized as a Chinese city)
Let alone understand the size of China and it’s cities.
But that is lack of knowledge, not sense.

In this case, first what Kahneman said

“There should be clear guidelines and clear instructions. We all ought to know whether we should open our Amazon packages outside the door or bring them in,” Kahneman said. “It’s not a decision individuals should consider making on the basis of what they know, because they don’t know enough to make it.”

Next those guidelines need to be made known to the public, educating the public is another whole area of expertise. Public service announcements and the like. Finally the guidelines need to be internalized by members of the public.

At that point the rules and guidelines will seem like common sense.

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Hadn’t read this thread yet, but just now noticed the title. Should’ve known it was published by Ombuggee.

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Norway is far away from everywhere from my point of view. So is USA. NZ is next door.


Never been to Norway, hear they have some nice rigs/OSV’s.

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OK I get it: Oz is everywhere.

Is that all?

Usually Norway is associated with spectacular nature, very cold and plenty fish.

BTW: Norway is NOT the capital of Sweden.

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But there is a reason why you don’t see any Norwegian restaurants outside of Norway. . . . that said, any time that I have been there, I do find it pleasant (but expensive). I have worked with a lot of Norwegians in the oil and gas biz and maritime and found most of them to be capable and pleasant people. . .

You can hardly find any Restaurants or Cafes in Norway that serve traditional Norwegian food any more.
Plenty of US style Fast Food joints. Kebab and Sushi kiosks and “Italian” restaurants (some decent ones that doesn’t just serve American style Pizza)

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Anywhere I can get a good veal parmesian is fine by me. Ordered it twice over a few years in NYC and best I ever had. It “was exceptionally tasty” not to be confused with Exceptionalism.