American Exceptionalism

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The flip side of the coin is that yes, we do believe we are exceptional and thus we can and have done things as a nation that you Norge cannot, and have not. As you have said, you Norge are apparently neither exceptional nor special, just middling. Thus mediocrity is your fate.

Virgil “They can because they think they can”


Unfortunately those “things” have kept the USA at #18 in the list of the world’s happiest nations. Little ol’ Finland is #1 followed closely by Norway.

Most of those things we have done made few people except defense contractors and hedge fund managers very happy at all.


Looking at how the Coronavirus is handled I tend to agree with your statement. Quite exceptional.

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You prove my point! Maybe you should have a look at the reality in the world and not just believe everything you are told to believe, or have been told since childhood.

As for me, I learnt very early in my maritime career that what I had been taught to believe (that Norwegians were the best in the world in everything and Norwegian seamen somehow superior seafarer) wasn’t really true.

Having spend most of my life living abroad and working worldwide, with people of all races and nationalities, I have also learnt that superiority and exceptionalism doesn’t belong to any one race or nationality…

The quicker you learn that the better for y’ll.


Why do you assume that what is called American exceptionalism is based on race or nationality?

This is what Wikipedia says - one of these three ideas:

American exceptionalism is one of three related ideas. The first is that the history of the United States is inherently different from that of other nations.[2] In this view, American exceptionalism stems from its emergence from the American Revolution, thereby becoming what political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called “the first new nation”[3] and developing a uniquely American ideology, “Americanism”, based on liberty, equality before the law, individual responsibility, republicanism, representative democracy and laissez-faire economics. This ideology itself is often referred to as “American exceptionalism.”[4] Second is the idea that the US has a unique mission to transform the world. As Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg address (1863), Americans have a duty to ensure, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Third is the sense that the United States’ history and mission give it a superiority over other nations.

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Didn’t you and I have this discussion six months ago? (And again before that.) You remember: Americans are an all white, non-world traveling, non-world living, Fox News addicted, MAGA worshiping people. (An especially funny position on a maritime website.)

Shall we reprise it for the audience or will you concede that you’re not the only one who has lived abroad, worked worldwide, with people of all races and nationalities, and have learned that superiority and exceptionalism doesn’t belong to any one race or nationality… [those are an individual’s character flaws].

Where shall we start? Usually we begin with our race and ethnic backgrounds and move on from there…

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My understanding is it’s not related to what we call race or ethnicity. It’s related to the "bring me your poor huddles masses: on the other thread. Of course there is bias and prejudices but the idea is anyone could come to America and succeed on merit rather than family connections or social class etc unlike in the “old country”.

I said “Superiority and Exceptionalism”, nothing about “American” specifically…
(Although many Americans I have meet give the impression they think of themselves as somehow “superior and exceptional”)

Many nations and people think they are superior and exceptional. (Norwegians among them)
I have learnt to see individuals for what they are, not judging by race, religion or nationality.

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From 27BC to 1776 the world had no notable republics or democracies. For 1,803 years our planet was ruled by a few families & their right to rule was obtained by birthright or force alone. From the far east to the western colonies owned by entitled Europeans monarchs, citizens had zero to little say as to how they were governed. Then came along a bunch of redneck woodsman from the North American colonies who found some truths to be self evident. Our forefathers fought, suffered & died to set an example that most of the world quickly mimicked. Being self governed is so obvious now that most people completely forget that for the majority of our human history that wasn’t the case. Praise the Lord for our American forefathers who set the people of the world free after nearly 2 millenniums. Does this make the USA exceptional. You bet your ass it does.

I can go on for a long time giving reasons why the USA is exceptional but won’t. I will hit on 4 notable things with the last being grossly overlooked & not appreciated as much as it should be.

  1. We (with help from Russia, UK, Canada & Australia) beat Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan in WW2. While we are not a perfect nation, most sane people would agree we are less malevolent than Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan.

  2. We walked on the moon. Something that humans thought impossible for the vast amount of our history. It didn’t have many physical benefits to mankind but it did show us that we can do the impossible if we put our mind to it & work together. To any citizens of other nations who don’t think that is exceptional, all I can say is you give it a try.

  3. We broke the Soviet Empire to little bits. Again, I don’t think we are a perfect nation but I’ve never met a former Soviet citizen who thought life was better under Soviet rule & wants to go back.

  4. Lastly, Thomas Jefferson while a member of the Virginia State legislature changed the way wealth was distributed throughout the world. This is something most people aren’t aware of. Before Mr. Jeffersons novel idea, wealth was automatically handed down to the eldest son after a death unless explicitly willed otherwise. Even when there were last will & testaments breaking up a family’s riches, the eldest could take it to court & most times won because the “birthright” laws were that strong. This was the way it was across the globe. Jefferson narrowly reversed this long held tradition to say wealth would be equally divided between hiers unless a last will & testament stated otherwise. Soon other states & countries followed Jefferson’s lead which slowly reduced the number of mega rich families that controlled most of the resources. He, we, helped level the playing field in our common & individual pursuits of happiness.


Here are 44 years worth of spinoff technology from the space program.


If you have to explain it, some of the luster may have worn off of the exceptionalism. I submit that a booster shot might be in order. Setting DJT on fire and flushing him down the toilet would be a decent start and would generate a lot of good will around the world.


We are now in the 21st century. Let’s talk about today’s reality.
Democracy existed in Iceland a thousand years ago and a Parliament was established in England in 1707.

  1. The Russians fought the biggest battles and lost the most people in the European Theater of War during the 2nd WW. BTW: A lot of nations were involved on the allied side, not just the ones you mentioned.
  2. Yes you did.
  3. Yes you did, but not alone. BTW:. Russia is back and looking for a revival of the Empire.
  4. All hail to Jefferson, but things have changed all over the world in the last 200 some odd years.
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Why clog a perfectly good toilet?


Dude can you give up your “sage”, nonstop doom and gloom/nihilism for one day? You’ve said some variation of “We suck” in every post for the past year at least!

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Same could be said for CT (just replace “we suck” with “orange man baaaaaaaad”)… Should change his CT name to ‘Constant TDS’

@CoastalTrader: We get it… You don’t like Trump… Noted… Got anything else to add?

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Bro, you are an old man tilting at windmills on the internet. We are not the caricatures you think we are. You’re lost and rambling the same old tired story from the last few years of your residence on this site. The sooner you learn this, the better off you’ll be.

You are young and inexperienced. Maybe you should learn something from older and more experienced members on the forum. (Especially those who have a different experience and viewpoint from yours)

Ok boomer. You want me off your lawn now?

Chill out and wait your turn Cupcake. Once DJT is gone, the TDS people will just blow away in the wind.