Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize-winning expert on human behavior - COVID-19

It’s a 11 minute audio file, I prefer to read a transcript but one does not seem available. I did end up listening to the whole thing.

Even as the scale of the coronavirus outbreak was becoming apparent, spring breakers flooded the beaches of Florida and New Yorkers continued to congregate in parks. Despite the warnings of politicians and health-care professionals, many people failed to treat the coronavirus pandemic as a serious threat. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize-winning expert on human behavior, told Maria Konnikova that the problem isn’t just that the threat posed by COVID-19 is hard to grasp, it’s that public officials haven’t done enough to explain the threat. “There should be clear guidelines and clear instructions. We all ought to know whether we should open our Amazon packages outside the door or bring them in,” Kahneman said. “It’s not a decision individuals should consider making on the basis of what they know, because they don’t know enough to make it.”

The threat is hard to grasp. Didn’t know that difficulty with getting a intuitive grasp on exponential growth had a name, it’s called simply enough exponential growth bias

Exponential growth bias is the pervasive tendency to linearize exponential functions when assessing them intuitively