Corona Virus and Superstition -effectiveness of masks

Yeah, next Easter maybe.


Call me crazy but granny might want one of these. This makes it easy not to touch her eyes, mouth and face.

I looked up “fly hat” on Amazon.

I might get one of those for myself but I hear the zombies are coming. My plan to keep my hands off my face might look more like this in the near future.

My daughter, chief doctor at a famous hospital nearby, gave me a fake mask type KOLMI Op-Air Pro REF: M5200 C€ 0082 EN 149:2009 FFP2 NR D. I have tested it. It covers nose and mouth only. I can inhale and exhale but I cannot sneeze. Then the mask flies away. The mask does not protect eyes and ears where virus also attack. I think the mask is a joke.

That’s what water jugs are for:


Blue and Yellow, Sweden??

LOL! Context? Is this a meme or are people actually doing this?

China. A friend sent me a bunch. Here are a few more:

I hope those panties were washed recently


A few more
I think he’s wearing what I think he’s wearing


I just did a Corona virus test!

To know if I have corona virus a test is required. It is very simple. The virus hides in my saliva of mouth and nose, so the easiest way to get some saliva of mine is to make me sneeze. So my saliva was collected one way or other. It is full of different (100+) other viruses protected by a shell.
In the old times I gave blood, fecal (shit) and piss (urine) samples for various tests. No more. This is the corona business. Sneeze or cough!

The corona virus shell must then be broken to get at the inside content ARN, I am told. A special liquid X is applied to my saliva. Now the ARN can be extracted. The ARN is the identity of my corona virus (if it is there). What happens to the other 99+ viruses in my nose is not known. Now the ARN is mixed with another special liquid Y, so it will react and become ADN! With a very complicated machine PCR my ADN can be analyzed (I am told) and then the PCR machine informs, if my ARN was the corona virus. It is like the Monte Carlo Casino down the road from me (closed today) – you either win or lose.

There are several test kits/machines available in Europe all awaiting approval by the European Commission next week. They cost €5 per test. I assume it is same in Norway and USA.

If my saliva is full of corona virus, it doesn’t mean I am sick or will get sick or die. In most cases nothing happens.

Only stupid people believe this nonsense.

In addition the French police just knocked on my door, when writing this, and said I couldn’t go out between 22 hrs and 05 hrs morning because me spreading corona virus. I told them I normally sleep during that time and I was awaiting the result of my test.

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So, my ENG 1 expires 2 days before I get off next time.
So I booked an earlier one just to make sure that I am covered and don’t piss off any PSC inspectors.
It was cancelled due to some bug or other that is going around.
The Office found out that another Approved Doctor is still carrying them out, about 2 miles away from the first one.
Getting in looks a bit tricky;

When you arrive send a text message to me on …………………

Stay in your vehicle.

As soon as I am free I will come to the back door of the building so you can access from the car park to my room without going through the waiting area.

If you can bring a urine sample with you in a suitable container, so much the better.

Don’t forget one form of ID and your previous ENG 1 certificate.

He hasn’t sent me the password yet, or a pot to piss in

In the US, Heiwa, even health care professionals can’t get tested unless they are symptomatic, so there are a lot of doctors, nurses, techs and ems/fire personnel out there who are positive and spreading it around without knowing it.

Of course, if you are a politician or celebrity, you can get tested. Because that’s how it is here.


I’m not saying you are right or wrong. Only time will tell. But in an earlier post you mentioned your daughter is a doctor at a famous hospital somewhere. Do you know if she shares your opinion on the coronavirus?

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I don’t know of any epidemiologists, doctors or nurses calling this “nonsense”

It’s taking out a lot of healthy young people. I’m not saying to panic, it does no good, but to brush off people’s legitimate concerns is no bueno.


My daughter works at the CHPG Monaco hospital. We keep in touch via telephone. It seems there is no panic at the hospital. My daughter thinks she got the virus (if it exists) weeks ago and is now immune (like me). There were some mild symptoms that could be anything. Normally the hospital is full of people walking around as they have nothing else to do in Monte Carlo. It is a social meeting place. Doesn’t cost anything! Now we are all locked up at home. There is no testing available. Samples are sent to Nice for analysis, which takes >6 hrs. I wish I live at Taiwan where, I am told, you protect yourself as you wish. The Taiwanese do not like being told by Beiing what to do.


And to think, the world was on a trend to banning single use plastics… :thinking:

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It seems the masks do not work and that we all are already affected by the corona virus and have survived! So it is time to stop this social distancing nonsense and go back to normal!

Heiwa, this quote is from you, from your website (I forget the name–was it nutjobkrazypants. com?) :crazy_face:

“No atomic bombs ever exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945. News about 100 000’s of Japanese being vaporized in a nanoseconds FLASH and disappearing in thin air or slowly being killed by nuclear radiation during several months afterwards autumn 1945 at various Japanese hospitals were just Fake News and propaganda!”

I wouldn’t trust you reading a thermometer, let alone give health advice.


I honestly believe I already had the coronavirus & made it through with only a dry cough & runny nose. Or maybe when I had a fever, the chills & body aches for 3 days after returning home in January & perhaps I was one of the first people to have it in the US? I orginally thought it was the flu which was really weird because I haven’t had the flu since the early 1990’s when I was 12 or 13. But since I went well over 30 years without the flu perhaps it was the coronavirus? I don’t know & it doesn’t really matter.

They say eventually +70% of people will get it & we will build an immunity to it. But many will have a hard time, crowd the hospitals & some will die. I don’t know the situation in France but the smaller the numbers rushing the hospitals the better in the US. Our resources are limited & it is obvious. If the US can keep the stream of people having a hard time, going to the hospitals & dying with this virus to a trickle or slow flow that would be awesome for our infrastructure. In the US, I think we should get to that 70% at a slow pace with social distancing so the people who will have a hard time can have a fighting chance with supplies & medicines at fully staffed hospitals instead of dying on the floors of overcrowded hospitals with no hope like has happened in some places. But I’m only talking for the US. If the situation is different where you are at then that is a different story, end the social distancing.


Very impressive response my friend, I have had similar experiences lately, more like a flu kinda thing, but treating it as a thing I don’t want to share. Went to sea so long, I am not sad to be a hermit with my bride.We both had flu shots this year.