Cooking at Sea, A Guidebook


The guidebook is finished. For now it is listed at $20.00. It is currently available in paperback. I plan on releasing it as an ebook also when I have time to format it. Eventually it will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble but that takes awhile. Here’s the link to find it now-


Awesome Eric, congratulations!


Thank you John.


Thank you to everyone who purchased a guidebook. I forgot to mention that $2.00 from every sale goes to my local food bank.


I didn’t know until yesterday that you had a youtube channel. This is awesome!


This is a message just for anyone outside the United States who has recently purchased the guidebook. It never occurred to me that anyone outside the states would have an interest in this book. So all the temperatures are in Fahrenheit and the measurements are standard American measurements. For the Brits, also be aware that although some of our measurements are called the same thing (tablespoon for instance), they are different. I will be putting together a cheat sheet in the next couple days for the recipe section so the guidebook is of use. If I can post a word document on here I will but otherwise just email me at and I will either email it or if you prefer, I’ll send a hard copy. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience.


Until the cheat sheet is available for the international purchasers of the book, here is the way to convert the temperatures-
Temp in F minus 32 and then multiply that number by 5/9ths (.5555555556). For example, 212 degrees Fahrenheit minus 32 equals 180. 180 multiplied by .5555555556 equals 100 degrees Celsius. Hope that helps.


My guidebook is the #3 selling cook book on this week. Thanks everyone!


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If you bought the book and liked it, I would appreciate you reviewing it on Lulu.


Great work. Even though I’m not the cook, I do cook and I bought this to keep in the galley. Whenever we get full time cooks again here in the GoM, I’m giving them this book and say please USE IT.

I always said this before when we had cooks on all the OSVs, of all the positions on the boat, the cook has the least amount of training and guidance for their position with a huge department and responsibility. This person can make life just as good or miserable as any officer onboard ship.


Thank you. I hope the book helps. It has always seemed to be an overlooked position and then everyone gets upset when they dont know anything. There seemed to be a need for a book like this. It was hard to know if I was the one to write it or not, but no one else did. Haha.


This book is seriously awesome! I’m not blowing smoke either! I have been screwing up homefried potatoes forever despite having tried numerous recipes… today I nailed them.

Most cookbooks I’ve read throw in something complicated to make the dish “pop”… and I end up screwing up. This book keeps it simple and tasty!

I do have one suggestion for the future Eric. I’s love to see a section on sauces. I once asked the best cook I’ve worked with at sea what hus secret was and he brought me to the refrigerator and showed me his sauce collection. He said the difference between dinners and great restaurants is usually the wuality of ingredients and the sauces dripped on the dish after it was cooked. He said he had likited controll over the ingredients (due to his budget) but sauces he could do!

At home my family’s favorite dish is baked potatoes which are so easy to make. My secret ingredient is homemade Chipotle sauce and also a butter/scallion/garlic sauce. I just put these on the table and let my kids choose which to ones they want to flood their potatoes with after they build them up with there favorite toppings.

I keep the leftover chipotle sauce for taco nights and the garlic sauce for roasted veggies.

Maybe you could start by doing a sauce thread here on gCaptain? I’d love to have not only a bunch of sauce recipes but also suggestions for which sauces work well for what dishes.


Hey John thanks for the suggestion. Did you check out the section on page 184 called “Sauces and a few seasonings”? It’s by no means complete but has bbq sauce, enchilada sauce, a white and red sauce etc.Glad you enjoyed it.


Yes but those are sauces for for specific meals. I’m talking about sauces more for flavor.


I was thinking one day about writing a book with higher end stuff in It- mirror cakes as desserts and so on. A section with those sauces would be a great addition. For now, I think I’ll start a thread when I get home in a few days.


Just wanted to give anyone interested an update. The paperback version has been submitted for approval to be sold through Amazon, Barnes and noble Nook, and some other places. It will probably take 6 to 8 weeks for that, unless I need to do some sort of revision for approval.

Also , for anyone waiting on the ebook version, I am trying to figure the formatting out. I am not very tech so mostly I just re read the instructions hoping I will eventually understand. If it takes too long I may hire someone.Ill report the progress next week unless I have a breakthrough.

Someone liked the guidebook enough they bought books for every vessel in their company yesterday.

Trying to get some shelf space at the nearby nautical bookstore.

Thanks to everyone supporting this project. Appreciate the positive comments.


Okay, the guidebook is now available as an ebook. It took me about 8 hours to format and have the publishing website accept it. It looks okay on my ereader, but it’s a bit different from the print version. Anyway, here’s the link. It’s priced at $7.99,
It’s currently only available trough the publlshing site. It may take several months for approval from Amazon, etc.


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