Cooking at Sea, A Guidebook


For any owners of the guidebook (or future purchasers). I found a mistake. I am unable to correct this edition as it has been sent in for review to get on Amazon, nook, etc… Anyway, on page 159 scalloped potatoes there is no bake temperature. I put the time but no temperature. It should be 350*f.


The book is now available on Amazon in print or ebook form (kindle)! It’s price on Amazon is $25 for the paperback or $7.99 for the Kindle version. Just type in Cooking at Sea and it’s the 3rd selection. The approval process went smoothly and I didnt have to make any changes.

It’s also still available on Lulu (and on sale)


The book is also available on Apple, Barnes and Noble books, and a bunch of others I never heard of. The Nook version on Barnes and Noble is a little cheaper than Lulu