Cooking at Sea, A Guidebook


For any owners of the guidebook (or future purchasers). I found a mistake. I am unable to correct this edition as it has been sent in for review to get on Amazon, nook, etc… Anyway, on page 159 scalloped potatoes there is no bake temperature. I put the time but no temperature. It should be 350*f.


The book is now available on Amazon in print or ebook form (kindle)! It’s price on Amazon is $25 for the paperback or $7.99 for the Kindle version. Just type in Cooking at Sea and it’s the 3rd selection. The approval process went smoothly and I didnt have to make any changes.

It’s also still available on Lulu (and on sale)


The book is also available on Apple, Barnes and Noble books, and a bunch of others I never heard of. The Nook version on Barnes and Noble is a little cheaper than Lulu


Page 58 of the guidebook has a mistake in the recipe. One of the ingredients on the ingredients list is potatoes. There are no potatoes in this recipe. Apologies for the error.


So… are you offering any Black Friday deals for the gCaptain crew :wink:


Okay John, you asked for it. From now until Christmas I am knocking the price of the paperback version of the book down to 40 percent off. So the book will only cost $15.00. You have to purchase it thru I cant change the prices on Amazon or barnes and noble.Happy Holidays everyone.


Just a heads up-Shipping is now taking 7 to 10 days. Price will be reduced for another couple weeks. Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank you