Cook thinks he gets sea time

I work for a offshore catering company:
Sonoco,ESS,Sodexo (not saying which one) any ways I have my ab and I am going to school for just a few classes that will make me more marketable. I got my time in the navy. I keep trying to tell this guy even if you have a letter from the captain saying you served 8 months on a tide water ship AS A COOK you will not get credit because you did not get the sea time while on deck. He keeps asking the Nmc the wrong question “I’m i acquiring sea time while offshore” I tell him yes you are and they will tell you that but you can not use that time to go from os to ab. Please set the record straight.

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Now I’m no professional on this matter, but I thought anytime spent on the water working ( no matter the capacity ) for that specific certain Gross Tonnage will apply to his AB.

I could totally be wrong on this subject, however.

All varieties of AB require “service on deck.” See 46 CFR 12.403(a).

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Thanks for the link and info. Always great to learn!