Considering going back to sea

So, after a bunch of issues, I finally got my documents back from the NMC. My license is continuity only, since I’ve been ashore too long, but my STCW is still valid as RFPNW/PIC-DL/Lifeboat-FRB/etc, and my Z-card is still valid.

Since I got laid off and am now working part time for a major retailer slinging boxes (not that I mind, its work after all), I am considering go back to sea. I know I could take the classes and re-activate my license, but since I’ve been on the beach for 4 years, I think it would be better to ship as an AB and get back in the swing of the job first.

My previous experience was mostly tankers with some pre-po, but I’m not opposed to other sizes/types of crafts.

I am interested in whatever advice people might be willing to share with me on these topics. I know I am rusty as all heck.

I see your PIC is valid so it shouldn’t be that hard to go back. Were you with AMO? If so I would strongly consider going back, getting your C/M license at Dania ASAP and look into their LNG program.