Confused about STCW rules

I just took two years off so I’m a little rusty on the rules now a days. I have a 500 ton near coastal master of towing. I have been told that I can no longer take tugs into foreign without the Ocean endorsement. Is that true? What other limitations am I going to face?

The NC route is and has only been good for up to 200 nm from the US Coast. Any more than that and you need Oceans.

Hopefully you got an stcw 95 with OICNW or Master on it before you took a break.

There are many more knowledgable folks on here than me. Hopefully some will chime in to help you. I responded because no one else has yet.

It would probably be helpfull if you listed what is on your stcw.

Also right now is not the best time to be getting back into the industry. Unless you have a connection that is. Things are slow but I am noticing more job postings lately than I have in the last year or so.

Good luck