1,600 Master question

Currently have a 1,600 ton master ocean with a mate of towing ocean. I haven’t yet upgraded to master of tow as the way I understood the cfr was that I was able to run as captain on a towing vessel as long as I had a toar and the required sea service which I do. Is this correct ? My plan right now is to run tugs under 200 ton with that being said will my OICNW that I received while at school for my 3rd mates license cover me on near coastal and ocean routes or do I need more in the line of stcw requirements? Thanks for all of the help

Yes. You can serve as Master on towing vessels if you have a license as Master 500/1600 GRT or greater, have completed the TOAR for the route, and have at least 30 days of observation and training on a towing vesse3l on the route.

Only for Mate, not Master.

If the tugs he’s running are under 200. Does the stcw stuff matter?

Thanks for the reply’s. I’m trying to figure out if I need the stcw for near coastal routes on a tug under 200 tons. And if I need the stcw which ones? Thanks for all of the help

As long as tugs under 200 GRT don’t go oceans or foreign they are exempt from STCW.

How narrowly (or broadly) is “route” defined?

If you have an Oceans license but only an inland TOAR then you can only serve under your license on inland tugs.