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I’m trying to compile a list of GOM companies that offer the better incentives, to their employees…Not so much the best pay but things like,
Shuttles to the airport
Furthering education,either in house or reimbursements for outside classes
Travel pay
Clothing allowance
This would be a big help to many of us that are here now and the ones that will come in later…


Edison Chouest Offshore - has benefits like Medical, Dental, Vision, & Disability. They have there own training center. They have shuttles to & from New Orleans Airport twice a day. Travel Pay I know they have it what it is I do not know, as I don’t qualify for it. Clothing allowance they do not have it, you can use your safety points to get clothes.


The rat race of shuttles and the airport sux. If you do live away from the Gulf and choose to work for Chouest, work in the international or government division where you are flown from your closest regional airport to the vessel. No need for personal travel expenses.


Anchorman, I’ve seen previous posts about Chouest’s government division…How do you get a choice? I am former military and I did have a clearance , just wondering when I’m in the office begging for any job ,how do I slip in the fact that the int’l or mil, would be be my preferance??
I’m sure the rat race, with the airport is everything that you claim it to be…And the some…I’m just trying to see what the best options are so that I can focus on the top companies… Keeping a car down there is an option but I would rather not ,if I can help it…
Thanks for the info…I sure hope I can get some more, before I head down in January…

Rover, just curious as to why you don’t qualify?


ECO’s travel “stipend” is paid based on (direct milage) from your house to the office. It is paid at the end of a 28 day hitch and covers probably anywhere from 40% - 60% of your actual expenses. I’m not sure but I think the max is $350 right now. I drive 8 hours and receive $100.


Choeust, has been the hardest company so far, to get someone to talk to…I’m becoming obsessed with the challege…lol…
One other question for you ex Navy guys that work there…How do you go about showing that you had a clearance ?I know that I had a secret clearance at one time…But I can’t find any reference to it in my seperation papers…


please tell me you made a copy of your service record?? if not, you’ll need to do a SF-180 for it. When you get it, on the left side papers will be a form which refers to a national agency check. what year did you get out? What rate/level were you at?


SB7 - don’t worry about proving you had a clearance, you will have to go thru the process again anyway. The fact that you were in the Navy is proof enough for them. Try to get hold of Justin Getzinger, his mobile is (985) 677-9516. He does travel quite a bit. Keep trying.


Retired rat , I do have a copy of my service record…As much of it as they would give me at the time…Sea service transcripts too…I got out in 1986 QM2…
captmike …I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for 2 weeks…Today I decided to go after Nicky Collins,I think he is the guy that hires the Capt’s and Mates…Anyway…It didn’t matter because I had met with enough resistance and went after him ,out of pure frustration…lol…Found him too…Had a nice chat and asked if I could meet with him in January…he said that would be fine…Thank you for Justins number though…I will keep it for a later date…


Where did you go to QM “A” School? If it was Orlando, who was your instructor?


Shellback 7 the reason I do not qualify is I live in the South Lafourche area where the office is located.

Anchorman I did not know it was that bad , never had to use the service, go figure.


Thanks Rover…I see what you mean…

Jeffrox… I did go to Orlando…I’m trying to remember the guys name…I still have some of the work books from the class, if you can believe it…I’m hoping I may have his name on some of it…I pulled out the graduation photo and he isn’t in it…
He was a Navy Senior Chief who had a real raspy voice…Salty ,real salty…He had a rock that he kept on his table…If you got the wrong answer to a question, you became the keeper of the rock…because you were a “ROCK”…the guy was great…We also had a chubby 2nd class coastie as his assistant…She knew less than we did, the first day of class…According to the picture we graduated 22 July ,1983…
I take it you must have gone through there too…? Quite the accomodations they had huh??


Sounds like your instructors were QMCS Don Meckley and the chubby coastie must of been Veek. I was an instructor when you were there, QM1(SS), 6 foot 225lbs, real handsome and studly, hehe. I’m sure I marched you across the base a time or two. I liked your accomodations, charactor builders!!


Talk about a small world…QMCS Meckley…Thats him…What a great guy…Did you know about his pet “rock”…? lol…And QM2 Veek , rings a bell…She wasn’t well received ,even by the other coasties that were in the class…
It seems like there were 2 instructors that had submarine breast insignias…One was tall and slender…I can almost recall his name…The other guy was a grouch…that must have been you??…just kidding…I think you were the one we reported to for muster in the mornings…
Jeff, no reason to bore the crap out of the rest of the gang here…could you shoot me an e mail…if you are the guy I think you are I have some info that you may find amusing…


“She”, then it wasn’t Veek, it was Kathy Rourk (sp). C U offline…