Edison Chouest Questions

I’ve read plenty on here about Chouest’s pay and schedules but haven’t read anything about their schooling, advancement and benefits. Do they regularly send Engineers to any manufacturer (CAT, EMD, Cummins) training? Or any other types of training for that matter? Anyone wish to disclose about their medical or 401k benefits? Thanks!

At the bottom of their website click QHSE, there is a link to the training schedule. You can sign up for whatever you need/want. Not sure how much benifits particulars they give but compared to other offshore companies I’ve worked for, they are good. Medical for family is roughly $190/month, 80/20 coverage.

They only have one or two boats with EMD’s one being the Damon Choest, everything else in the fleet is CAT, as far as I know. They have there own mechanical dept and use Louisana Machinery for everything else, so there will be plenty of chances to learn how to bleed yellow.

From the guys I talk to over there, they say the license advancement help is pretty good to.

Kellie, Dove and C-Tractor 2,3,4,5,12,13 have EMD’s Chouest is a good company with a lot of opportunity to work on different class of vessels.