Companies with even time rotation for mates and captains

Well I have been in the oilfield since 1995 on Supply, Research, Siesmic, ATB, and the last 5 yrs 4 point anchor vessels. Time to switch things up and since they haven’t made a non DP vessel of any size in 15 Yrs I took the DP basic class. I have a 1600 ton Masters Oceans with third mate unlimited. My question is what companies currently have a 28 on 28 off or thereabout rotation? I am happy with 6 months of work a year so I was just looking for names and maybe a little insight on who has a realitively reliable crew change. Thanks in advance.

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28/28 Otto Candies.

Hornbeck 21 and 21

Hornbeck has quite a few boats where the officers are 28/28 as well.

OSG is hiring mates, 21/21.

[QUOTE=Tugboater203;111623]OSG is hiring mates, 21/21.[/QUOTE]

Who is OSG?

Have to have PIC with cargo experience.

Every company major but ECO will hire you straight off the bat working even time.

All of Seacor does 28/28