Companies hiring short term OS?

Anybody know of any companies who would hire an OS for a few months? Im looking for work beginning in may for about 45 days until I can sit for my 3M exams. Ideally, I would like to find a company to work for as a Mate after the exams and short term OS prior to.

How would you be siting for your 3rd mate in 45 days if your an OS right now?

I was wondering that myself.

I have an endorsement as ordinary seaman. I will have completed all of the requirements to sit for 3M exams… Rather than sit on my ass Id like to find something beneficial to do for the 45 days. These forums used to be very helpful in the past. Lately, just a bunch of negativity it seems. Shameful

I don’t see how my post was negative, it was a honest question. Do you know that you have to have your AB for at least 180 days before you can get 3rd mate?

Sounds like a cadet with a deck cadet MMC, many of which now feature OS/Wiper/FH endorsement, who has finished his schooling and wants to work until he takes his 3/M license. AB comes along with the 3/M license, assuming he passes. So for now, he’s an OS. Thats how its possible.

It’s pretty common. Depending on where you go to school your whoever coordinates your commercial cruises can sometimes set you up with stuff like that by reaching out to their contacts. Otherwise make some in your own. Get in touch with some of the tug operators, or ferries if they’re private and not municipal, near wherever you are and see if they’ll hire you as an OS. I’ve known people who’ve done that too.

Harvey Gulf looking at pay cuts, no amounts given yet, waiting until after the Holidays. Guess they should not sponsored that race car.