Commerical Cruise Options

Hello everyone,

I recently received a offer to sail on a Crowley Heavy Lift Ship for my summer internship. I have talking to some of my fellow cadets and teachers and none of them have ever sailed on a HLS before and I was wondering if anyone could provide me with details on an average day’s work. Or even better, if anyone has worked on Crowley’s HLS and has some advice. I appreciate the help and I am always looking for some words of wisdom! Thank you- CMA Cadet

Crowley just got the contract to run that ship for Intermarine. As for an average day’s work, most deck cadets will stand a morning watch and then do deck work depending on what the Chief Mate wants. This is what I have seen on the ships I work on. From what I heard, the Ocean Freedom, Crowley’s heavy lift ship will be running to Australia relatively soon.