Columbia River Tugs

Does anyone have any general info on Columbia River Tug companies?

I’m curious about what type of license is required for running the boats on the river?
Do you get “command time”?

What type of discharges or sea service letters do you get? Inland or Near Coastal?

Anything would be appreciated

Search function should help with requested info.

Indeed a search will yield some results for companies. You don’t get command time unless you are the Master of the boat.

I did a pretty extensive search.

I was looking to see if there was anyone who sailed on tow boats on the Columbia River and had some information. I’m on a ship that comes into Portland once a week so I’m familiar with the various companies that are up there but I just wanted to get some more info.


The Columbia river will give you inland time. Foss, shaver, tidewater, Bernert, sds, and Olympic are the players on the river. Foss only does assist and Olympic works lower river. The other 4 work up to Lewiston. You will also see sause and brusco. If you want coastal time go with one of them but they aren’t really Columbia river companies.

Oh, you need a master of towing to run a towboat

As master.

Yeah mate of tow could work, except at shaver, Foss, and Olympic from what i understand.