Coast Guard Issues Safety Alert on Shipboard Crane Wire Rope Hazards

Typically, wire ropes have a standard period of employment of ten years, but their suitability for service can be compromised by factors such as corrosion and fatigue. Given the harsh operating environments that these ropes endure, vessel operators are urged to implement robust inspection and testing protocols to ensure the equipment’s suitability throughout its lifespan.

Engineers did some work on the accommodation ladder motor one time and hooked the air hoses up backwards. An AB went to lower it for rigging, it two-blocked and the wire snapped. I’d noticed it was getting bad and we had been planning to change it out. Not soon enough however.

That’s when I figured just regular inspection of wire rope isn’t good enough. Critical wires should be changed out on time as well, or at least very carefully examined towards the end of life-span…