AHTS Wire inspection criteria

Does anyone know where I can find some AHTS vessel wire inspection criteria? I’ve had a look on google but can’t find it.

So many broken wires within one strand etc.

Looking for some official critera

Hi Spork, Good Morning. Try a search using these terms - “wire rope inspection checklist pdf” - There are several sources of content, for inspection in general which I would think would overlap to wire inspection and integrity on an AHTS vessel. Hope this helps.

A lot of tugboaters consider the Towmasters site to be a reliable source.

This post might be a good start. Posted by: towmasters | June 21, 2009

WIRED: How & When To Inspect & Replace Your Wire Rope Hawser

What constitutes “official” aboard is a subject in and of itself.

Thanks I’ve found plenty inspection criteria, but not the one I was looking for.

There was one I saw years ago specifically for anchor handling and towing vessels but I can’t find it anymore or remember whos standard it was. It might have been an ABS standard but I can’t find it.

Maybe this will help: http://marinesurveypractice.blogspot.no/2013/01/towing-arrangement-survey.html

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