Coast Guard Has ME A Bit CONFUSSED

I am going to be testing for my OSV 500 Ton mate soon, I have recived my letter back from the coast gaurd and it says that I have 6 test to take and these are the moduels 181 Deck Gen, 183 Deck saf, 185 Tnav, 180 Nav Gen and 184 Plotting. My question is this , Is this right or am I getting screwed by my acessor ( who wont retun my calls) and if this is correct do any of you have any leads on the fletcher books for charts, deck safe and nav gen?

Why did you think you were going to NOT have all the exam modules? Are you trying to do this on your own? Have you (or will you) attended any classes?

The first time I sat for my first license (100 ton lakes,bays,sounds) I was confused about what was on the exam too. One guy said this, one guy said that…

Once I went in and took it, Then I knew what was on the test. Nowadays, with the internet, you should know exactly what groups are on the exam, prior to even applying.

Now that you know, get studying. Your approval only lasts for a couple months

You can download the latest deck exam guide off the NMC website. It would have told you all the modules you would have to take. Yes, you do have to take them all. Sorry I don’t have any of the books or info you are looking for. And lastly, you should have 1 year to complete the testing so you have time to study or attend classes if need be.

Good luck.

In the Code of Federal Regulations there is a TABLE 11.910–1 CODES FOR DECK OFFICER ENDORSEMENTS.
In this table you scroll over the position you are sitting for and the exam topic is on the right. Anywhere there is an X, you will be tested on for that specific position.

Here is the link for the CFR’s: