Coast Guard and Kings Point rank as having the worst professors in the country

According to a report by CBS Moneywatch, Kings Point and Coast Guard both rank as having the worst professors in the country.

Here’s the bottom 25:

[li]U.S. Merchant Marine Academy NY
[/li][li]U.S. Coast Guard Academy, CT
[/li][li]Tuskegee University, AL
[/li][li]Michigan Technological University
[/li][li]New Jersey Institute of Technology
[/li][li]Milwaukee School of Engineering, WI
[/li][li]Bryant University, RI
[/li][li]Bentley University, MA
[/li][li]St. Cloud State University, MN
[/li][li]Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
[/li][li]Minnesota State University, Mankato
[/li][li]Western Michigan University
[/li][li]Widener University, PA
[/li][li]Worcester Polytechnic Institute MA
[/li][li]Central Michigan University
[/li][li]Seton Hall University, NJ
[/li][li]Pace University, NY
[/li][li]Iowa State University
[/li][li]Drexel University, PA
[/li][li]University of Toledo, OH
[/li][li]Howard University, Wash. DC
[/li][li]St. John Fisher College, NY
[/li][li]University of North Dakota
[/li][li]Truman State University, MO
[/li][li]Mount Union College, OH

What do you think?

Well I am a Cal grad, so I think that is funny shit!

It is funny!! That will hurt them KP big egos!!!

This is in reality just based on a poll of students but it’s only news to everyone else. This has been known to KPers for decades. Whatever ego I might have is due to me getting my license despite my professors not because of them. There are some good ones but the bad ones are reeeeeealy bad.

The CG guys I’ve sailed with are nice enough, just by the book. The KPers are products of their cesspool environment, possessing a little book knowledge, big egos, and little hands on ability. Fail.

The CG guys I’ve sailed with are nice enough, just by the book. The KPers are products of their cesspool environment, possessing a little book knowledge, big egos, and little hands on ability. Fail.

To be fair, I have sailed with some really good people from KP. I have seen good and bad from all Academies.

You are correct!! I seen good and bad from all academies too!! But KP guys do think very high of themselves!!!

I had a Mass Maritime guy come on the boat a year or so ago. He came on looked down his nose at all the guys who held 5master/3000ton osv, they could all hold their own when it came to handling the boat. What time he did not have his nose up in the air he was telling us “I am a walking encyclopedia of Nautical Knowledge”, yet he could not drive the boat or even set up on DP. Go figure maybe all these shitty professors need to teach a few more things. Humility 101. Go along to get along 101

I actually got hired once DESPITE being from KP, not because of it. I was interviewing with the co-owner/head port engineer when you stopped and said “you’re not like any Kings Pointer I’ve met, you’re not an A-hole”. The limited license world is definitely not one that a new graduate would be prepared for. Unfortunately, although I don’t recall it every being said outright, there is a general consensus that guys with limited licenses all would go unlimited if they could hack it. I can tell you from an engineers perspective, being a DDE is waaaay harder than being a 3rd. You are the go to guy for eeeeeverything and guys look to you for all the little things that on a ship would get passed to the QMED or Wiper.

The new 3rd mates coming out of school just do not get the boat handling experience that is necessary in the limited world because that just isn’t what the unlimited license track is for. From this engineers perspective, small boat handling skill is EVERYTHING! There have been times I’m sitting up in the wheelhouse while we are maneuvering shipside and I am watching what the capt is doing with the rudder and throttles and it completely ass backwards from what I would have guessed. They safely take the boat places that I would never think we would or could go. Its a different world with different skill sets. Unfortunately at the academies it is not overtly taught, but you do learn that limited licenses as for substandard mariners.

[QUOTE=KPEngineer;52967]This is in reality just based on a poll of students.[/QUOTE]

This is based on a student poll? Well then it doesn’t surprise me that KP’res and Coasties think they are better than everyone else… even their professors.

Hahahahahaha!!! That’s a good one!!! Well said!!!

I had a Cadet tell me that he really isn’t worried about boathandling because when he gets out of school he will have such a big license that it won’t be a big deal. I said you must be going the bluewater route and not the OSV route. He said that he was gonna come back to Chouest and get on something like the Island Enforcer or some some other Subsea boat. I didn’t say a word, I just let him stay in that Fairy Tale World he was obviously living in.

Specially at Chouest!! By the way that Island enforcer is very nice!! Even the deckboards look fancy!!!

You are correct!!

I have a ? How difficult it is to find a job as an entry-level status???

Today is hard! The economy has hit every operator from the Gulf to the east coast. Lots of season mariners looking for work.

Entry level may be tough, but there is a big shortage for engineers. Shipping is really good right now

Is this out of the hall you’re talking about?

Yep. There have been a lot of open jobs