Chouest taking over PNSY tug contract in Kittery, Maine

Looks like Chouest got another contract for tug work, this time on the east coast at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. May have something to do with the 30 year build program Trump approved for the Navy. I’m sure ECO’s great relationship with the Navy had nothing to do with it…

Chouest is spreading like herpes and infecting the tugboat business far and wide. What a shame.


Do you know if another outfit had this job before or is it a new contract/operation?

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Yeh but wait a minute. The Navy says they are building up to 7 new YTB’s at Dakota Creek. It appears they will be similar or same Robert Allen design to the 6 already in use at NB Kitsap. Will these tugs at Kittery be 2 of those units? If so, how is Chouest involved? As operator/manager/crewed?

Also why does the Navy own and use new YTB’s at NB Kitsap and Yokosuka but contractor owned/operated tugs most everywhere else?

Chouest has been doing Navy Tug work for decades. Nothing new to see here.

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That’s right…they’ve been in san diego for a long time…the navy wanted tractor tugs and the previous contract holder (TDW) had no desire to upgrade their equipment so they lost it.

Don’t they do mayport in Jacksonville Florida also?

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