Chinese company buys land in Jade-Weser-Port (Germany)

China Logistics is purchasing twenty hectares of land in Jade-Weser-Port to start a terminal for the transhipment of Chinese goods. An agreement in principle has been signed by Andreas Bullwinkel, who is in charge of marketing Jade-Weser-Port (Wilhelmshaven), with China Logistics and the China Chengtong Group. This group is the parent company of China Logistics.

The Chinese are gradually buying more and more land and ports all over Europe and we allow that quite willingly while on the other hand we cannot return the favor in China but that is okay with us.

Funny how that happens. They’ve been buying large amounts of everywhere. Welcome to the party.

If you look at the Greek port they used it was clearly a setup to smuggle chinese goods in the the EU without tax

BRI, Bankrupt, Repocess Initiative

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