2nd Maritime China 2019

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If you’re going leave your cellphone and laptop at home.

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Why?? I have been to Dalian many times and never had any problems with mobile phone or internet coverage.
Have you had any bad experiences in Dalian, or anywhere else in China??

I wasn’t suggesting that you will have any problems connecting with the internet or mobile phone coverage it is more likely that you may share ownership of your device with the Chinese government.
If you have any doubts about this I suggest you ask what Norwegian officials do when visiting China. I know that the Australian and New Zealand officials take new sanitised laptops and burner phones to China.
We in the West feel free to criticise our government and that freedom is enshrined in law, you would be free to come and go in USA as I am in spite of offering criticism of that country. The freedom is not portable.
I assume that you have continued business interests in China.


Now I feel really scared. You mean because I have taken my laptop computer with me to China many times there is now some Chinese owning it?

No wonder this Indian sounding fellow keeps on calling me, claiming to be from Microsoft, telling me that there is something wrong with my computer.
Somehow he always hang up when I put on a fake Indian accent and ask how the monsoon has been this year, or some other wisearse thing. (Knowing a couple of hindi swear words also helps)

Actually I don 't think Chinese intelligence is very interested in what is on my laptop. Since google and just about every company I have ever had any dealing with on the internet appears to know what I MAY want to buy, or look at, I don’t think it matters that much.

All the accusations about being anti-American on this forum has probably being noticed by whichever of the 17 US intelligence agencies are tasked with watching such things, I can probably expect to be thoroughly grilled if I should ever apply for a US visa.

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