Chief Mate Unlimited Drill Rig $166k+

This just popped up on the Jobs section:
[B]Chief Mate Unlimited Drill Rig $166k+[/B]

I assume this is on one of those new drillships but how the hell are these guys making this much $? They are even making more than the Chief Engineer with the same offshore company. Am I missing something? it doesn’t add up.

You’re right, it’s pretty incredible but, the salary, is not too far from the other drilling contractors.

The reason is simply supply and demand. There are not too many Americans with C/M Unlimited and a Dynamic Positioning cert. Drillships are also very specialized in the type of work they do, so the company’s can’t pull a guy off another DP ship (cable layer, research ship) and expect him to know what a BOP is or how to line up a cement job downhole.

I assume the C/E are lower because they don’t need a DP cert and don’t need to know as much about the drilling operations.

What company?

[QUOTE=anchorman;16878]What company?[/QUOTE]

I asked MAtt Fuhrman over at Faststream (it’s his listing) and he won’t say. Here’s his number if you want to bug him 954-467-9611 :wink:

I know Transocean was looking for a Chief Mate.

Transocean’s has been looking for chief mates for years but I don’t think they offer a bonus anymore and I’d be surprised if they were paying that much as base. They are also having a hard time finding enough Captains.

I did hear about pay for Transocean and it was no where near close to that.

Anyone know what the second and third mates are making with transocean these days?

$166k+ a year for 28/28? That doesn’t seem like enough for drilling… Much less C/M!!!

This is from 3 years ago.

Thanks for clearing that up!